Getting Started

Free App Hosting

The Adaptable Starter Plan allows you to host your front-end, back-end, and full-stack web apps for free. Our free tier is perfect for exploring Adaptable, showing off your hobby apps or portfolio, and hosting other light-use web apps.

»Free compute instances

Each app on the Starter Plan runs on a single instance on the Adaptable Container Service. The instance has a shared vCPU and 256 MB RAM.

Instances on the Starter Plan receive a credit of 37,500 seconds of runtime each month. This allows the app to handle an estimated 25,000 typical REST API requests per month. However, each app is different and your app's requests may be shorter or longer than the typical request length.

As with all compute instances on the Adaptable Container Service, your app is only charged for the time that it is Active. Your app is Active when it is starting up, shutting down, or actively processing an HTTP request. Active time is rounded up to the nearest 100 milliseconds.

When your Starter Plan credits run out for the month, your app is placed in a Paused state until the first day of the next month, when it receives its runtime credits again.

For more details on limits for the Starter Plan and other fixed price plans, see Fixed price plans.

»Free PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases

Each app on the Starter Plan may add either a PostgreSQL or a MongoDB database for free. Databases are fully managed by Adaptable and are built on a scalable, highly available serverless platform, for when your app is ready to grow. Or, if you prefer, you can also use another database service that your app connects to.

Databases on the Starter Plan are limited to 256 MB of storage.

»Free SSL/TLS and domain names

Each app on the Starter Plan gets a free domain name on the domain, along with fully managed TLS (SSL) so your app doesn't need to implement TLS or worry about purchasing a certificate, certificate expirations, or renewals.

»Additional information

Additional limitations and terms apply. Please see our Terms for more details.